Corpus of Full Use

(1) According to sutra, the network of subtle forms, which make full use of the Mahayana teachings, and in which a Buddha appears in order to teach arya bodhisattvas. (2) According to non-Kalachakra anuttarayoga tantra, the network of all the speech of a Buddha. (3) According to Kalachakra, the network of both the subtle forms and the speech of a Buddha. Also called Body of Full Use. Some translators render this term as "Enjoyment Body."

Tibetan: longs-spyod rdzogs-pa'i sku

Sanskrit: sambhogakaya

J Hopkins: Complete Enjoyment Body; Enjoyment Body.

Other languages

Italiano: Corpus di Pieno Uso
Русский: тело наиболее полного применения
Tiếng Việt: Báo thân

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