Exceptionally perceptive state of mind

A state of mind that, in addition to being stilled and settled (shamatha), is accompanied by an additional sense of fitness -- the subsidiary awareness of feeling totally fit to discern and understand fully the subtle details of anything. Vipashyana is not necessarily focused on voidness or on the four noble truths, although most commonly in sutra it is. Other translators render the term as "special insight."

Tibetan: lhag-mthong

Sanskrit: vipashyana

Pali: vipassana

J. Hopkins: Special insight

Synonyms: Exceptional perception; Special insight

Other languages

Italiano: Stato mentale eccezionalmente percettivo
Русский: Исключительно восприимчивое состояние ума
Tiếng Việt: Tuệ quán đặc biệt

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