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Feeding and Taming the Demon of Fear

Alexander Berzin, March 2002

This method has been inspired by the work of Tsultim Allione and modified to fit the structure of a “fulfill and restore” (bskang-gso) ritual of a Dharma-protector.

  • Try to identify what causes you the most fear and anxiety – for instance, being alone and feeling that nobody loves me – and imagine it taking the form of a demon who has been troubling you and causing you fear.
  • Imagine the demon emerges from you and stands before you. Ask it what it wants.
  • Imagine feeding the demon in the sense of giving it what it wants – in this case, feeding it love and affection.
  • Bond with the demon and depute it to protect you in the future from the fear of no one loving you.
  • Recognizing that if you neglect to feed the demon regularly, it will attack you again, agree to propitiate it regularly in the future. This will entail:

    • bringing it to consciousness,
    • openly admitting to, regretting, and promising not to repeat any neglect you may have had of it,
    • thus restoring your close bond with it,
    • feeding it once more,
    • reminding it to fulfill its promise to protect you.