How to Deal with Materialism

How deal with materialism

Material things only provide physical comfort, not mental comfort. A materialistic person’s brain and our brain are the same. Therefore, we both experience mental pain, loneliness, fear, doubt, jealousy. They disturb anyone’s mind. To remove these with money – that’s impossible. Some people with disturbed minds, with too much stress, take some medicines. They temporarily reduce stress, but bring many side effects. You can’t possibly buy peace of mind. No one sells it, but everyone wants peace of mind. So many people take tranquilizers, but the real medicine for a stressed mind is compassion. Therefore, materialistic people need compassion.

Peace of mind is the best medicine for good health. It brings more balance to the physical elements. The same is true with getting enough sleep. If we sleep with peace of mind, then there are no disturbances and we do not need to take sleeping pills. So many people take care about having a beautiful face. But if you are angry, no matter how much color you put on your face, it won’t help. You are still ugly. But if you have no anger, but smile, then your face becomes attractive, more smart-looking.

If we make a strong effort in compassion, then when anger comes, it is just for a short while. It is like having a strong immune system. When a virus comes, there is not much trouble. Therefore, we need a holistic view and compassion. Then, through familiarization and analysis of the interconnectedness of everyone, we will get more strength.

We all have the same potential for goodness. So look at yourself. See all the positive potentials. Negative ones are also there, but the potential for good things is there too. The basic human nature is more positive than negative. Our life starts with compassion. Therefore, the seed of compassion is stronger than the seed of anger. Therefore, look at yourself more positively. This will bring a more tranquil mood. Then when problems come, it will be easier.

A great Indian Buddhist master, Shantideva, wrote that when we are about to face a problem, if we analyze and see a way to avoid it or to overcome it, there is no need to worry. And if we can’t overcome it, then there is no help from worrying. Accept reality.