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Text Version for Blind Users

For each page on there is also an alternative Text Version which is optimized for screen readers. We regret that a separate version is necessary for this purpose, however it contains the complete content of the normal web site and is updated just as frequently. For the Text Version of a page some unnecessary and repetitive navigation elements will be removed. Also, scientifically transcribed Tibetan terms that are offered as additional information in parenthesis in normal pages will be filtered out. This filtering is sadly necessary because screen readers cannot properly read transcribed Tibetan. However, even when using the Text Version of this web site, you can find the Tibetan equivalent and further explanation for important English terms in our glossary, which can be reached from every page of the web site.

Although we have invested a considerable amount of work in the accessibility of this web site, we are aware of the fact that for many pages, further accessibility improvements would be desirable. We will strive to further improve on this in the future. If you have specific accessibility problems with this website, then please contact us.