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The Buddhist Archives of Dr. Alexander Berzin

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Download This Website

For personal use on your own computer, you can download a copy of the Berzin Archives website. This allows you to use the web site without an Internet connection.


Download the website (Zip file, about 70MB)

After downloading and extracting the zip file, please look into the folder called web and open the file index.html.

What Will the Download Contain?

The download will contain: all regular pages from all language sections of the website.

The download will not contain:

In order to reduce the download size, some elements of the web site are not contained in the download version. The following content will not be downloaded and will only work, if an Internet connection is available:

  • The search function
  • MP3 audio files
  • Videos
  • PDF versions
  • Separate printer-friendly pages
    (Please note that our regular article pages are very printer friendly themselves: their print output will not look like the pages look on screen – instead, the print result will be almost identical to our separate print versions.)

How Current Is the Downloadable Version?

Our downloadable Zip file is updated each Friday Morning (between 2:00 and 3:00AM, Central European Time). This means that new or updated content which has been published during a week, will only be contained in the download starting with the Friday of that week.