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Join Our Team

Dear Dharma friends,

The Berzin Archives offers all of its material free of charge. Continuing its work depends on the donation of funds from our benefactors and not least from the donation of time, skill and effort from all our volunteer team members around the world.

If you feel a connection to our work and vision and would like to actively take part in them by becoming a volunteer member of our team, you are in the right place.

There is still a great deal of work to do. Our present needs are:


  • transcribers, checking audio transcripts


  • translators, editors, proofreaders


  • proofreaders


  • translators, editors, proofreaders


  • translators, editors, proofreaders


  • translators


  • translators, transcribers


  • translators, editors


  • translators

Training and supporting new volunteers takes a great deal of time. So if you would like to support us in one or more of these tasks, we need to ask you to be willing to commit at least five to ten hours a week for a minimum of six months. If you feel that realistically you are able to make such a commitment, please follow the outlined steps below:


 If you would like to support us in one of this tasks, please follow the outlined steps below:

  1. Download the General Volunteer Information document, that you have an idea what kind of work each individual task includes.
  2. Download one of these files listed below, concerning the task you would like to do:
  3. Complete the trial work as explained in the General Volunteer Information Document
  4. Fill out the contact form here and upload your final trial work file with the Upload function at the bottom of the contact form 
  5. Here is the contact form.
  6. We will forward your work to the respective language coordinator who will contact you.

Thank you very much.

Your Berzin Archives Team