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Kalachakra Guru-Yoga

(Integrating With The Sublime Teacher Kalachakra, Cycles Of Time:
An Excellent Vase of Demon-Defying Nectars of Devoid-Form
dPal dus-kyi 'khor-lo'i bla-ma'i rnal-'byor stong-gzugs bdud-rtsi'i bum-bzang
by Panchen Lama III (Pan-chen dPal-ldan ye-shes)

translated by Alexander Berzin, 1985

[This is not a substitute for a Six-Session Yoga.]

To the clear evolved and the master
   from whom I have received supreme empowerment,
To the preventive measures of inseparable method and awareness
   shown by them
And to the two divisions of the intent community who live by them,
I pure-heartedly go for safe direction.

To my sublime teacher, the clear evolved and their spiritual offspring,
I offer myself in every aspect and request you:
Safeguard me as your attendant and servant, O holy objects for oblation.

I dedicate the bountiful store
   of my constructive actions of the three times,
Never tainting it with my selfish aims’ stains,
As a cause for all beings with limited minds
Of the three planes of compulsive existence,
Without an exception, to achieve clear evolvement.

From this time forth, all the way to my total purification and growth,
I expand my heart out to all others and to that purified growth.
I generate a pure resolve and rid myself of grasping for “me” and “mine.”

On the shoulder of the broad pathway of the divines,
   depleted of matter,
On top of a water-born lotus, a moon, a sun,
A “growler” and “fire-of-time” eclipsing planets,
Is my root sublime teacher, in nature the total amalgam
Of all clear evolved ones of the three times,
An all-around perfect Cycles of Time, Kalachakra.

With one face, two arms, a bodily color the luster of space,
Holding diamond-strong scepter and bell,
You embrace Vishva-mata, Mother of Diversity.

Your co-arising joy with the Mother of Diversity
And your devoid form’s never stopping
Are method and awareness as a singular taste.

Mother of Diversity, yellow in bodily color,
With cleaver and skullcup, you thoroughly draw out
The root of all unknowing, bewilderment and darkness,
And grant, with great blissful awareness,
Virtue and goodness to all limited beings.

The enlightening body of you who overcame and gained all,
With right leg red and outstretched, and left leg white and bent,
Pressing down on a Demonic Mara and a Forceful Rudra,
Shines with the light of copious adornments of the proper full measure,
   such as a diamond-strong gem.

Emanated from your heart comes a Vajra-vega,
   Diamond-Strong Strength,
By whose force are invited those of deep awareness
Who merge with you who are to bond me close.

Inviting the empowering deities, you make them requests
So that the empowering deities grant you empowerment
And seal you with the ruling figure of your family.

With clouds of common and uncommon objects of enjoyment,
Outer, inner and enigmatic offerings
Completely filling the expanse of infinite space,
I make offerings to you, sublime teacher,
Amalgam of all three sources of direction.

“I beseech you for the sevenfold empowerment
Planting the seeds for the generation stage,
For the higher and the most high ones
Which lay the propensities for the six causal branches,
And for the empowerment of the great overlord
Which plants the great seal of a devoid-form.”

At my requesting like this, my sublime teacher-deity graciously accepts
And with empowering deities emanated from his heart –
Hosts of ladies with powerful abilities, authentically transformed ones,
Forces of the wrathful, and so on, filling the entire expanse of space –
He confers the seven for entering like a child,
The four higher empowerments, the four highest empowerments
And the supreme empowerment as well,
The empowerment of a great diamond-strong master.

By the force of these, the energy-channels and winds of my body
   become flexible and fit,
And by having had planted on my mind-stream
Great propensities for the two stages,
I gain the fortune to make manifest the great seal in this very life.

O sublime teacher, Clear Evolved from First of All,
O Cycles of Time, I request you grant me inspiring strength.
Please bestow quickly the actual attainments.
Please cause a great shower quickly to fall
   of my manifold wishes.

[repeat many times.]

[ HKSHMLVRYAM is pronounced in Tibetan: hankya-mala-waraya.]


O you who in nature are the hosts of blissfully transformed ones
   of the three times,
With their spiritual offspring, the listeners, self-evolvers,
Celestial heroes and maidens of unimpeded movement,
And protectors of the measures and guardians,
Without an exception, all rolled into one,
O you who possess the eyes of compassion,
I request inspiration.

Propelled by the broad white wings of unified method
   and discriminating awareness,
May I cross to the far shore of the ocean of expanding conduct
Together all at once with the kings of wild geese,
The triumphant ones’ spiritual offspring.

And especially through what has an aspect:
An enlightening body with face and arms,
And what lacks any aspect:
An effulgence of light rays of the seal of illusion,
May I build up the beneficial habits for the highest state
Of overcoming the mount of smell, the winds which,
With their twelve great shifts, are the root of my compulsive existence.

Then, through the powerful ability from stacking in my central channel
The twenty-one thousand six hundred white and red subtle atoms
for unchanging great blissful awareness,
May I consume and deplete the sources of my corporeal matter.

May I manifest the deepest nada-sound to be ascertained,
A diamond-strong undeclining enlightening body
Which has, indivisibly, the rainbow brilliance of a devoid-form seal
And the five-colored aspects of an unchanging blissful awareness.

By having the unbroken reverberation
   of diamond-strong evam resounding
Without moving from the lack of impediment of the sphere of all things,
May I rouse from their slumber of unawareness these wandering beings
And lead them to the level of an all-around perfect Cycles of Time.

Or else, in the northern direction, in the great city of gems
In the supreme land of all-around perfect Shambhala,
On a magnificent lion-throne of rushes of gold,
May I directly behold the most noble face
Of the majestic Holder of the Castes.

This master of men, the great Rudra-chakra,
Circle of the Forceful,
Will scatter the massive troops of savage hordes
With their distorted, antagonistic thinking –
May he come to grace the crown of my head
With the auspicious lines on his saffron feet.

Requested like this, my sublime teacher-deity
Happily melts into light
And by his dissolving into my body,
I transform on top of five seats
Into the nature of an all-around perfect Cycles of Time.