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An Abbreviated Six-Session Yoga

(1973 Loose Poetic Translation)

(Thun-drug-gi rnal-'byor bsdus-pa)
by Ngulchu Jeydrung (dNgul-chu rJe-drung, Blo-bzang bstan-'dzin)

translated by Alexander Berzin, 1973

In my heart I turn to the Three Jewels of Refuge,
May I free suffering creatures and place them in bliss;
May the compassionate spirit of love grow within me,
That I might complete the Enlightening Path

In the sky on a lotus, a sun and a moon seat,
I see my Lama as Dorje Chang;
Blue in color, holding dorje and bell,
Experiencing great bliss with his consort Ying Chukma.

On his brow a white OM, on his throat a red AH,
From the blue HUM in his heart many colors shine out,
Calling forth the Awakened from the ten directions,
Inviting them to him to melt into one.

To your blue lotus feet I bow, Dorje Chang,
With oceans of clouds I make triple offering;
The lands, jeweled vase, the sun and the moon,
And all precious offerings I make unto you.

Powers supreme and powers mundane
Follow upon pure devotion to you;
Thus my body, my life and my wealth I forsake,
And ask for your aid to only please you.

Now my Lama requested comes to the top
Of my head and dissolves till we both are one;
And I, Dorje Sempa, unite with Chom Denma,
Holding dorje and bell and feeling great bliss.

Land, body and wealth and all virtues collected,
For the sake of all mothers I gladly release;
And I vow to protect all the vows I have taken,
Nor transgress even one for the sake of my life.

By means of holding both sutra and tantra,
May I liberate all living creatures completely;
May the virtues collected flow on towards the Dharma,
Preserve it and nourish the prayers of the Masters.

I request that the grace of the Three Jewels of Refuge,
Following on by cause and effect,
Shall fulfill all the prayers that now I set forth,
And lead me across to Enlightenment's shore.