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Original Panchen Lama Version of An Extensive Six-Session Yoga

(Thun-drug-gi rnal-'byor rgyas-pa]
by The First Panchen Lama (Pan-chen Blo-bzang chos-kyi rgyal-mtshan)

translated by Alexander Berzin, 2001


I take safe direction, till my purified state,
From the Buddhas, the Dharma, and the Highest Assembly.
By the positive force of my giving and so on,
May I actualize Buddhahood to help those who wander.
[3x, only for the first repetition.]

May all beings be parted from clinging and aversion,
feeling close to some and distant from others,
May they gain the joy that is specially sublime.
May they find release from the ocean of their unbearable problems.
May they never be parted from liberation's pure bliss.

To free from the fears of samsara and complacent nirvana
   all wandering beings,
I take hold of the mind that wishes to gain an enlightened state,
And from this moment on, till becoming a Buddha,
I shall never forsake it, though my life be at stake.

Just as the Blissfully Gone Buddhas of the past
   reaffirmed their bodhichitta aim
And lived by the stages of bodhisattva training,
I too reaffirm my bodhichitta aim, to help those who wander,
And shall train in the stages of bodhisattva training.
[3x, only for the first repetition.]

Now my life's become fruitful,
For having wonderfully attained a human existence,
Today I've awakened my Buddha-nature
And now have become a Buddha's spiritual child.

Now, in whatever way possible
I shall undertake actions that accord with its traits,
And never defile this impeccable nature

That lacks any flaw.

In the sky before me, on a breath-taking throne of jewels,
On top of a water-born lotus, and mandala-discs of a sun and full moon,
Sits my root guru, Vajradhara, ruler of the all-pervasive,
With a blue-colored body, one face and two arms,
Holding vajra and bell, and embracing a motherly likeness of himself.
Emblazoned with the signs and exemplary features of a Buddha,
Adorned with lavish jeweled ornaments,
Draped with fine garments of enchanting, heavenly scarves -
The mere remembrance of you dispels all my torment.
With a nature encompassing every superlative source of direction,
You sit in the vajra position,
Your body's three spots marked with three syllables.

By rays of light from the HUM,
Guru Vajradhara from his natural abode -
Jah hum bam hoh - becomes non-dual with you.

Your kindness heralds in an instant
A dawn of great bliss.
O jewel-like guru, Holder of the Vajras,
I bow at your lotus-feet.

I present you with an ocean of clouds
Of assorted outer, inner, and hidden offerings:
These I possess and those that nobody owns,
Both actually arrayed and mentally created.

Anything physical, verbal, or mental that I or others enjoy,
And the network of my constructive acts throughout the three times,
A splendid jeweled mandala, with a host of Samantabhadra offerings -
Taking these to mind, I present them to you,
My guru, my yidam, my Three Supreme Gems.
Accept them, please, by the power of compassion.
I humbly request you for inspiration.

Just as the Blissfully Gone Buddhas have tamed (others),
Throughout the three times and the ten directions,
You likewise enact, in a play of saffron,
A Triumphant One's deeds in countless realms.
O precious guru, I make you requests.

Highly praised by Vajradhara, for us of lesser capacity,
As an exceptional field for thought more holy than
The endless circles of infinite Triumphant,
O precious guru, I make you requests.

All supreme and common actual attainments, without exception,
Follow upon correctly relating to you, my guardian, in a healthy manner.
Seeing this, I fully devote my body and even my life:
Inspire me to practice what only will please you.


Requested like this, my supreme guru
Alights on the crown of my head.
We merge – samaja.

Once more you gladly become
Of a singular taste with me.

With the pride of a Vajrasattva, holding vajra and bell,
Symbolic of the hidden factors of co-arising great bliss
And the state by nature fantasy-free,
I embrace Bhagavati.

My body and likewise my wealth,
And as massive a network of constructive acts
As I have built up throughout the three times,
I give, from now on, without sense of a loss,
To help limited beings, who have all been my mothers.

I shall not transgress, even in my dreams,
The most minor training concerning the prohibitions
That keep my pratimoksha, bodhisattva, and tantric vows pure.

I shall practice in accord with the Triumphant One's words.

I shall fully uphold all the verbal and realized hallowed Dharma,
   without exception,
As gathered in the three sutra vehicles and four tantra sets,
In exact accord with the meanings that the Triumphant intended.

I shall totally liberate wandering beings by means that suit each.


Through the lustrous positive force deriving from this,
May I never transgress, throughout all my lives,
The bounds prescribed by Vajradhara's authority.
May I complete the stages of the twofold path.

[If reciting 6x each day in the manner of 3x each morning and 3x each evening, recite the following sequence:
[A] three times, omitting the [A-X] section for the second and third repetitions,
[B] three times, omitting the [B-X] section for the second and third repetitions,
[C] one time.]