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Brief History of Dzogchen in Chart Form

Alexander Berzin
November 2000

[For the details, see: Brief History of Dzogchen.]

Late 8th C.
Emperor Tri Song-detsen
Shantarakshita – Kamalashila
Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava
(Kadro Nyingtig)
(Vima Nyingtig)
Tibetan – Vairocana
   quintessence teachings division
(heart essence)
mind division
open space
Early 14th C.
(Zabmo Nyingtig)
Southern Treasure Lineage
Late 14th C.
Rigdzin Godem Jey
Northern Treasure Lineage

Early 15th C.
Ratna Lingpa
(Nyingma Gyubum)
Late 17th C.
        Dalai Lama V
(Mindro Trichen as head of Northern Lineage)
Namgyal + Nechung
Late 18th C.
Jigmey Lingpa
(Longchen Nyingtig)
Dodrubchen I
(Longchen Ngondro)
Early 19th C.
Late 19th C.
(Kunzang Lamey Zhellung)
Dodrubchen III
Late 20th C.
His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama