Message from Ling Rinpoche

As information becomes more easily and widely available through the Internet, more and more people around the world, who are interested to learn about Buddhism and other aspects of Tibetan culture, turn to it as their first source of information. Those who wish to go deeper in their studies seek qualified teachers and, when there are opportunities, start to study with them. For such persons, the Internet serves as an important resource to supplement their studies. Some persons are not so fortunate and, for various reasons, may not find a qualified teacher. Even if they find one, they may not have sufficient access to him or her, either for financial or organizational reasons. For them, the Internet becomes an even more essential source for teachings.

The Internet is filled with many sites about Buddhism and Tibetan culture. Some provide accurate information and some, unfortunately, are less reliable. In this situation, I am very happy that Alex Berzin has been preparing the Berzin Archives website and making authentic material available on it, free of charge, in a wide variety of languages. I am also delighted that he is trying to make the material on it accessible to the disabled – a growing audience that, sadly, has often been neglected.

Alex was a student and occasional translator of my predecessor, Yongdzin Ling Rinpoche. In this lifetime as well, we continue our connection. Through an intelligent and compassionate blending of traditional and modern methods for imparting information and spiritual training, may peace and happiness thrive in this world.

May 19th, 2009
Ling Rinpoche