Why has the website changed?

The previous website, berzinarchives.com, was a great source for people trying to learn about Buddhism and its history and culture. By 2015, the website’s design was more than ten years old, and from a technical point of view, its functionality was out-of-date. In order to make the website wholly functional on all digital devices throughout the world, we’ve undergone a year-long transformation, with more on the way soon.

How does the new website differ from the old one?

The new website, studybuddhism.com, has been optimized with revised structure and content, responsive mobile-friendly design, and a more visually-rich environment. It is now easier for people to find what they’re looking for, as all of the content is organised in a logical, user-friendly way. One of the biggest changes is the addition of an introductory section, called Essentials.

Is the new website only for beginners?

No, the website now caters to people of all levels, but in a clearer way. It is now organized in three main sections: Essentials for introductory level, Tibetan Buddhism for intermediate level, and Advanced Studies for advanced students.

I want to download material to read offline, how can I do this?

There are several options if you would like to read our material offline.

We recommend downloading and installing the free application, Pocket. This allows you to quickly and easily save any page from our website for viewing on all of your digital devices when you're offline. For eBook devices, consider using Instapaper.

If you would prefer to create your own PDF documents of our articles, please follow these instructions:

On most Apple and Windows desktop devices, while using an internet browser, go to File, and select Print. You can then save the page as a PDF directly to your computer.

How to open an account and save articles in it?

If you would like to create your personal library on the website and save your favorite articles in it, open an account by clicking the Account tab on the upper right corner of any page and filling out the form. Or click the following link: Create a Study Buddhism Account

Then, If you want to read an article later, you can save it to your account. Just click on the bookmark icon under the article’s title and you’ll find the article later on your account page in the “saved articles.”

Soon we will be adding into accounts recommended reading lists, chosen by Dr. Berzin, of website articles on selected topics. In each list, the articles are arranged in a graded order to provide clear guidance for your study of Buddhism. Look for a notice in our newsletter when this new feature and others become available.