What Is a Kalachakra Initiation?

The Kalachakra initiation (empowerment) is a Buddhist ritual given to promote world peace and prepare practitioners for tantric meditations. Unlike other advanced Buddhist teachings, this initiation has traditionally been given to the general public and has drawn the largest audiences, and nowadays is no exception. When the Dalai Lama gives this initiation in India, hundreds of thousands of people gather from all over the world. But what is it all about?

Kalachakra means “cycles of time” and, actually, time is our biggest enemy. Over time we grow old, lose all our abilities and die. If we think in terms of rebirth, it seems like we have to go through this cycle again and again, endlessly. How awful! Even in this life, we’re under the mercy of hormonal, seasonal and astrological cycles too.

The advanced meditation practices of Kalachakra enable us to break free from the clutches of time. We become able to direct the course of our lives to helping others, no matter what’s going on in our bodies or the world around us. When large groups of people from different backgrounds come together to learn about love, compassion and wisdom, they create a time and place of harmony. Spread afar, such acts as coming together to a Kalachakra initiation is a wonderful way to contribute to world peace.

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