Explanation of Bodhichitta Actions for Training & Vows

Many of us may take bodhisattva vows a little bit prematurely, when we really haven’t fully developed even the initial stages of bodhichitta. What we would first have is “aspiring bodhichitta.” This is wishing to achieve our own individual enlightenment that’s not yet happened in order to benefit others. And that has two phases to it. The first is this phase of just merely wishing this; the second is what’s called the “pledged state,” in which we pledge that we are not going to give it up until we achieve enlightenment. Then we go on to develop what’s called the “engaged state” of bodhichitta, in which we are fully determined to engage ourselves totally in the practices that will bring us to enlightenment. It’s at that stage that we take the bodhisattva vows.

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