Elaboration of the Efficiency of Tantra over Sutra

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How do we attain the physical bodies and omniscient mind a Buddha? In sutra, we work with the two enlightenment-building networks: the network of positive force from doing constructive things with a bodhichitta motivation and the network of deep awareness of voidness. When we do this with the sutra methods, the method is not so similar to the result, and it takes building up positive force over three zillion eons for the cause to bring about the result. Tantra is more efficient than sutra on four different points: In tantra we imagine that we are already at that stage of the result. Practicing method and discriminating awareness together in one moment of mental activity is a much more efficient way of bringing about that resultant attainment. There’s a special basis for that voidness, the body of a Buddha-figure, rather than our own ordinary bodies. Finally, there is a special level of mental activity, the clear light mind, for focusing on that voidness, but only in the highest class of tantra, anuttarayoga.

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