Praises to the Twenty-one Taras

In Sanskrit, it is called Aryatara-mantramula-stotra-namaskara-ekavimshatika-nama.

In Tibetan, ‘Phags-ma sgrol-ma’i rtsa-ba’i sngags-kyi bstod-cing phyag-‘tshal-ba nyi-shu rtsa-gcig-pa.

Om, I prostrate to the ennobling, impeccable lady, highly realized Arya Tara.

(1) Homage! O Tara, swift TURE, heroic, goddess whose gaze, like lightning, (flashes) in an instant; lady who was born from the opened-up anthers of the Triple World Guardian’s lotus face.

(2) Homage! Goddess whose face is (like) hundreds of stacked up full autumn moons; lady radiant with light spread out over clusters of thousands of stars.

(3) Homage! Bluish-gold Goddess with lotus (like) hand adorned with a water-born lotus; lady with essence of giving, perseverance, quieting through ascetic discipline, patience, stability, and (discrimination about) objects of mind.

(4) Homage! Crown-protrusion of the Thusly Gone Ones, goddess with unlimited actions victorious; having attained the far-reaching “paramita” minds, barring none, lady on whom the Triumphant Ones’ offspring rely.

(5) Homage! Goddess who, from syllables TUTTARA and HUM, fills up (the realms of) desire, direction, and space; lady with feet pressing down on the seven worlds of existence, able to hook in (all beings), without an exception.

(6) Homage! Goddess who’s honored by Indra, Agni, and Brahma, Vayu, Vishva, and Ishvara; lady held on high by hosts of victim ghosts, zombies, celestial musicians and yaksha guardians of wealth.

(7) Homage! Goddess who, with shouts of TRAT and PHAT, tramples opponents’ black magic devices; lady stomping with right leg bent and left outstretched, furiously blazing with flames of fire.

(8) Homage! Goddess who, with a totally terrifying TURE, destroys completely the demons’ heroes; lady scrunching her lotus face to have wrinkles of wrath, exterminating all enemies, with none left behind.

(9) Homage! Goddess adorned with fingers at her heart in the gesture that symbolizes the Triple Gem; lady (whose palms are) embellished with wheels with floods of their light unsettling (wrongdoers) throughout the directions, leaving out none.

(10) Homage! Goddess whose resplendent crown ornament spreads a garland of light (bringing) joy; lady who, with the laughter and mirth of TUTTARA, brings under control mara-demons and the world.

(11) Homage! Goddess able to allure the entire assembly of protectors of the earth; lady who, with animated brow and (light from) the syllable HUM (at her heart), unfetters those who have fallen to misfortune.

(12) Homage! Goddess radiating (light) from the crescent moon tiara adornment at the crest of her locks; lady with brilliance from Amitabha born on her piled-up hair, a perpetual (source) of beams of light.

(13) Homage! Goddess standing inside a ring of the fires at the end of an eon; lady with right leg outstretched and left leg bent, filled with joy, destroying the circle of foes.

(14) Homage! Goddess with palms pounding and feet stamping on the surface of the earth; lady who, wrinkling her brow in wrath, rips asunder (the Lord of Death) seven levels beneath the ground with (vajras streaming from her) syllables HUM.

(15) Homage! Goddess of the felicitous, lustrous, and pacified (pathways of mind), goddess experienced as peaceful nirvana; lady endowed (with the mantra ending in) SVAHA (and starting with) OM, she who eliminates great negative force.

(16) Homage! Goddess who rips the bodies apart of nemeses to our being bound with joy; lady (with heart) imprinted with the ten-syllable line, and blazing from a pure awareness syllable HUM.

(17) Homage, TURE! Goddess pounding with her feet, and marked with the seed-syllable HUM at her heart; lady causing Mount Meru, Mandara, and Kailash, and the three worlds to quiver.

(18) Homage! Goddess holding in her hand a deer-marked moon with the (healing) features of the (Ganga) celestial stream; lady eliminating poisons, without any remainder, with the syllable PHAT uttered with two TARA’s.

(19) Homage! Goddess to whom the ruler of the masses of gods, as well as the gods and half-human kinnaras show honor; lady dispelling disputes and bad dreams through the expansion of joy from her entwining (mantras).

(20) Homage! Goddess with full moon and sun eyes shining with light; lady who dispels raging fevers with her (forceful mantra) uttered with two HARE’s and her (peaceful one) with TUTTARE.

(21) Homage! Goddess endowed with the pacifying power of (the syllables) marking her three aspects of being; lady exterminating hordes of evil spirits causing seizures, zombies and man-eating demons; O most excellent TURE!

This is The Twenty-one Verses of Homage and Praise with the Root Mantra (of Arya Tara).