Essentials of Tantra in Terms of Hologram Theory

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The energy-winds of our minds give rise to hologram-like appearances. The gross energy-winds of our senses give rise to the ordinary appearances we see. The subtle energy-winds of our subtle energy-channels give rise to conceptual appearances, which we would describe in Western terms as arising in our imaginations. These conceptual appearances can take on any form, ordinary ones or the form of a visualized Buddha-figure. When, through the complete stage methods of anuttarayoga tantra, we are able to dissolve these gross and subtle energy-winds into our central energy-channel, we can access our subtlest mind and its subtlest energy-wind. We can then generate from that subtlest energy-wind an illusory body in the form of a Buddha-figure, which we can emanate externally in order to benefit others. When our subtlest minds are purified of the emotional and cognitive obscurations, such an illusory body serves as the obtaining cause for the Enlightening Form Bodies of a Buddha.

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