Isolate specifying an individual item

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The type of static mental exclusion that occurs in conceptual cognition as an implicative negation and which, as a "nothing other than," specifies an individual item. (1) According to Gelug, a fully transparent metaphysical entity, lacking any form of its own, that arises as an intermediary between a conceptual category and a mental hologram of a specific item in that category. It is synonymous with an isolate specifying from a category (spyi-ldog) and equivalent to a conceptual representation (snang-ba). (2) According to non-Gelug, it specifies an individual commonsense object, such as a commonsense table, as a mental derivative (gzugs-bsnyan) of the mental synthesis "commonsense table" and the category "table." Although, as a static phenomenon, it lacks any form of its own, it resembles what seems to be the colored shape of a specific individual commonsense table. It is the appearing object (snang-yul) of a conceptual cognition.

Tibetan: རང་ལྡོག rang-ldog

J. Hopkins: Self-isolate

Synonyms: Isolator specifying an individual item

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