(1) One of the eleven constructive emotions listed by Asanga. The constructive mental factor of bored disgust with, and thus lack of longing desire, for compulsive existence and objects of compulsive existence. (2) One of the four components of exceptional sincerity accompanying engaged bodhichitta. The mental factor of not being liable to giving up bodhichitta because of attachment to some other goal and not being liable to suffer a loss of perseverance because of attachment to something else.

Tibetan: ཆགས་པ་མེད་པ། chags-pa med-pa

Sanskrit: asaṅga

J. Hopkins: Non-attachment; Unattached

Synonyms: Non-attachment

Other languages

Deutsch: Loslösung
Español: Desapego
Tiếng Việt: Sự buông bỏ; lìa bỏ

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