Discriminating deep awareness empowerment

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The third of the four initiations in an anuttarayoga tantra empowerment (dbang), purifying the stains of the mind and especially the stains that prevent all appearances from arising as indivisible voidness and bliss, empowering one to engage in clear light meditation on the complete stage, and planting the potency (seed) for the attainment of a Dharmakaya.

Tibetan: ཤེས་རབ་ཡེ་ཤེས་ཀྱི་དབང་། shes-rab ye-shes-kyi dbang

Synonyms: Wisdom initiation

Other languages

Deutsch: Ermächtigung des unterscheidenden tiefen Gewahrseins
Русский: Посвящение распознающего глубокого осознавания

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