Indispensable preliminary stage of the first level of mental constancy

Equivalent to a stilled and settled state of mind of shamatha, it is a mind on the plane of ethereal forms (form realm). With such a mind, one uses discerning meditation (dpyad-sgom, analytical meditation) to progressively develop the seven levels of attention (yid-la byed-pa bdun) to suppress the disturbing emotions of the plane of desirable sensory objects (desire realm).

Tibetan: བསམ་གཏན་དང་པོའི་ཉེར་བསྡོགས་མི་ལྕོགས་མེད། bsam-gtan dang-po'i nyer bsdogs mi-lcogs-med

Synonyms: Indispensable preliminary stage of the first dhyana

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Deutsch: Unerlässliche vorbereitende Stufe der ersten Ebene geistiger Stabilität