Pledged aspiring bodhichitta

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The advanced level of aspiring bodhichitta, with which one focuses on one's own not-yet-happening enlightenment – an imputation on the basis of the Buddha-nature factors on one's mental continuum – with the intention to attain that enlightenment and to benefit all beings by means of it, and then pledges never to give up this bodhichitta aim until one reaches that enlightenment.

Tibetan: སྨོན་སེམས་དམ་བཅའ་ཅན། smon-sems dam-bca'-can

Synonyms: Pledged state of aspiring bodhichitta

Other languages

Deutsch: Anstrebendes Bodhichitta des Versprechens
Italiano: Promessa di bodhicitta dell’aspirazione