Purification, realization and flaring

The fourth step in the procedures followed in consecrating (ennobling) the inner offering in anuttarayoga tantra generation stage practice: after elimination (bsang-ba) of interferences, purification into voidness (emptiness) of the impure appearance of the offering substances and generation of the substances into various types of meats and substances, (1) purification of their color, odor, taste, and potential, (2) realization of them as nectar granting freedom from all sicknesses and immortality, and thus visualization of them as transforming into nectar, and (3) flaring so that the nectar increases and becomes inexhaustible.

Tibetan: སྦྱང་རྟོགས་སྦར་གསུམ། sbyang-rtogs-sbar gsum

Other languages

Deutsch: Reinigung, Verwirklichung und Erweiterung
Русский: Очищение, постижение и расширение

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