Rainbow body

Equivalent to a "light body." (1) In mother anuttarayoga tantra, the type of physical body attained through the complete stage practice of tummo and the experience of the four joys, that serves as the obtaining cause for the attainment of the Form Bodies of a Buddha. With its full attainment, the gross aggregates of the body dissolve like a rainbow. (2) In dzogchen, the obtaining case for the Form Bodies of a Buddha that one attains on the leap-ahead stage when effulgent rigpa gives rise to and cognizes itself as a body, in the form of a Buddha-figure, composed of rainbow-colored light.

Tibetan: འཇའ་ལུས། 'ja'-lus

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Deutsch: Regenbogenkörper
Русский: Радужное тело
Tiếng Việt: Thân cầu vồng