Seven factors for a purified state

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Mindfulness (dran-pa), thorough sorting of phenomena (chos rab-tu rnam-par 'byed-pa), perseverance, joy (dga'-ba), sense of physical and mental fitness (shin-sbyangs), absorbed concentration (ting-nge-'dzin), and equanimity (btang-snyoms, complete composure), used to cultivate non-conceptual cognition of the four noble truths and liberation, and fully developed with a seeing pathway of mind (path of seeing). One of the sets of factors from the thirty-seven factors leading to a purified state.

Tibetan: བྱང་ཆུབ་ཡན་ལག་བདུན། byang-chub yan-lag bdun

Synonyms: Seven causal factors for attaining a purified state; Seven awakening factors

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Deutsch: Sieben Faktoren für einen gereinigten Zustand