seven-part cause and effect quintessence teaching for developing bodhichitta

One of the two methods for developing a bodhichitta aim. Based on the development of equanimity, (1) mother-awareness, (2) remembering kindness, (3) repaying kindness, (4) love, (5) compassion, (6) exceptional resolve, (7) a bodhichitta aim. The first six, developed consecutively, function as the causes for the seventh as the result.

Tibetan: rgyu-'bras man-ngag bdun

J Hopkins: seven cause-and-effect quintessential instructions.

Other languages

Deutsch: siebenteiligen Quintessenz-Lehre der Ursachen und Wirkung bei der Entwicklung von Bodhichitta
Русский: сущностное учение о развитии бодхичитты на основе причин и следствий из семи частей
Tiếng Việt: giáo pháp bảy điểm nhân quả phát bồ đề tâm

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