Six yogas of Niguma

A set of six anuttarayoga complete stage practices outlined by the Indian dakini Niguma, a relative of Naropa, and transmitted primarily in the Shangpa Kagyu tradition in Tibet: (1) tummo, for the automatic flaring of inner heat as bliss, (2) illusory body, for the automatic release of attraction and repulsion, (3) dream yoga, for the automatic purification of the deceptive appearances of daytime, (4) clear light, for the automatic clearing of naivety, (5) transference of consciousness, for Buddhahood without having meditated, and (5) bardo, for the Sambhogakaya of a Triumphant One.

Tibetan: ནི་གུ་ཆོས་དྲུག Ni-gu'i chos-drug

Synonyms: Six teachings of Niguma

Other languages

Deutsch: Sechs Yogas von Niguma
Русский: Шесть учений нигурмы