Subtle selflessness of phenomena

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In the Gelug Chittamatra system, the nonimplicative negation phenomenon of the total absence (emptiness, voidness) of (1) forms of physical phenomena and the ways of taking them as cognitive objects being established as phenomena deriving from different natal sources, and (2) forms of physical phenomena having existence established by individual defining characteristic marks as foundations on which affix the sound of the words “forms of physical phenomena.”

Tibetan: ཆོས་ཀྱི་བདག་མེད་ཕྲ་མོ། chos-kyi bdag-med phra-mo

Synonyms: Subtle identitylessness of phenomena; Subtle lack of an impossible self of phenomena; Subtle lack of an impossible "soul" of phenomena

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Deutsch: Subtile Selbstlosigkeit von Phänomenen

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