Thirteen branches of observed practice

Thirteen ascetic practices Buddha allowed for monks to help cultivate detachment and contentment. Practiced, for instance, by the forest tradition in Thailand, they include (1) wearing robes patched from rags, (2) wearing only three robes, (3) going for alms, (4) not skipping any house when going for alms, (5) eating at one sitting whatever alms one receives, (6) eating only what one has received in one's alms bowl, (7) refusing more food after one has started to eat, (8) living only in forests or jungles, (9) living under trees, (10) living in the open air, (11) staying mostly in charnel grounds, (12) being satisfied with whatever place one finds to stay while wandering around, and (13) sleeping in a sitting position.

Tibetan: སྦྱང་པའི་ཡན་ལག་བཅུ་གསུམ། sbyang-pa'i yan-lag bcu-gsum

Sanskrit: dhutaṅga

Other languages

Deutsch: Dreizehn Zweige der eingehaltenen Praxis
Français: Les treize branches de la pratique d'observance
Русский: Тринадцать ветвей соблюдаемой практики
Tiếng Việt: Mười ba hạnh đầu đà/pháp khổ hạnh