Thirty-seven factors leading to a purified state

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The practices one engages in with a building-up pathway mind (path of accumulation), applying pathway mind (path of preparation), seeing pathway mind (path of seeing) and accustoming pathway mind (path of meditation) in order to attain the purified state (Skt. bodhi) of a shravaka arhat, a pratyekabuddha arhat or a Buddha. They include the four close placements of mindfulness, the four factors for attaining correct riddances, the four legs for attaining extraphysical powers, the five powers, the five forces, the seven causal factors for attaining a purified state, and the eight branches of an arya pathway mind (eightfold noble path).

Tibetan: བྱང་ཆུབ་ཡན་ལག་སོ་བདུན། byang-chub yan-lag so-bdun

Synonyms: Thirty-seven aids to awakening

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Deutsch: Siebenunddreißig Faktoren, die zu einem gereinigten Zustand führen