Thoroughly established phenomena’s lack of an essential nature of existing as ultimate

Regarding dependent phenomena (voidnesses) as asserted in the Chittamatra tenet system, their lack of being ultimate phenomena in all senses, either (1) because, unlike dependent phenomena, which are also ultimate phenomena, they do not arise from causes and conditions, or (2) because their objects of negation, being nonexistent totally conceptional phenomena, are not ultimate phenomena.

Tibetan: ཡོངས་གྲུབ་དོན་དམ་དུ་ངོ་བོ་ཉིད་མེད་པ། yongs-grub don-dam-du ngo-bo-nyid med-pa

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Deutsch: Fehlen einer essenziellen Natur der Existenz als letztendlich eines vollkommen begründeten Phänomens

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