Three countless eons

The amount of time required to build up sufficient positive force (merit), following the sutra methods, to attain enlightenment. "Countless" or "zillion" is the largest number given a name in the traditional Indian numerical system and is equivalent to ten raised to the sixtieth power. In the Prasangika system, the first countless eon of positive force is required for attaining a seeing pathway of mind and a true stopping of the doctrinally based emotional obscurations, the second for attaining a true stopping of the automatically arising emotional obscurations and the third for attaining a true stopping of the cognitive obscurations.

Tibetan: གྲངས་མེད་བསྐལ་པ་གསུམ། grangs-med bskal-pa gsum

Synonyms: Three zillion eons

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Deutsch: Drei zahllose Weltalter