Twelve deeds of a Buddha

According to the Mahayana teachings, the twelve acts that each of the thousand Buddhas of this fortunate eon will perform in their Nirmanakaya (Corpus of Emanations) forms when manifesting on a Southern Continent: (1) transferring to a Southern Island-Continent from Tushita pure land, (2) entering his mother's womb, (3) taking birth, (4) becoming skilled and learned in the arts, (5) enjoying himself with his wife and her circle, (6) setting forth from family life as a renunciate, (7) undergoing difficult ascetic practices, (8) proceeding to a seat for enlightenment under a bodhi tree, (9) taming the demonic forces (Skt. māra), (10) manifesting full enlightenment, (11) turning the wheel of the Dharma, and (12) demonstrating his passing away.

Tibetan: མཛད་པ་བཅུ་གཉིས། mdzad-pa bcu-gnyis

Synonyms: Twelve enlightening deeds of a Buddha

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Deutsch: Zwölf Taten eines Buddha

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