Buddha-Nature and the Clear Light Mind

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Buddha-nature (sangs-rgyas-kyi rigs) – as discussed by Maitreya in Uttaratantra (rGyud bla-ma; The Furthest Everlasting Continuum) – is basically those factors that are responsible for everybody to become a Buddha. Why is it possible that we and everybody can become Buddhas? Well, the factors that make it possible are Buddha-nature factors. We are not talking about one thing when we talk about Buddha-nature; we’re talking about many, many, many different aspects and factors. 

There are three types of factors. One is called an evolving factor (rgyas-’gyur-gyi rigs), something that will develop and grow. Another one is an abiding factor (rang-bzhin gnas-rigs), which is the basic situation that is there all the time, something that remains always the same. The third one is the fact that the mind can be inspired and uplifted in order to help us to change.

Original Audio from the Seminar