Abbreviated Six-Session Yoga – Poetic Rendering

From my heart, I take safe direction from the Three Precious Gems. May I free all beings from torment and place them in everlasting bliss. To become fully enlightened for their sake, I develop bodhichitta and train myself through bodhisattva acts.

In the sky before me, on a throne, a lotus, a sun and moon, sits my root guru, the all-pervading master, Vajradhara, with blue-colored body, holding vajra and bell, embracing Dhatu-ishvari and sporting with co-arising bliss.

Three spots on your body are marked with three letters. Light radiates from the HUM at your heart, inviting here beings for deep awareness. You become of one taste.

At your lotus feet I bow, Vajradhara, and present you with an ocean of clouds of outer, inner and hidden offerings. Mount Meru, the continents, a jeweled treasure vase, the sun and the moon – these peerless offerings of Samantabhadra, I make unto you.

Every supreme and mundane attainment follows upon pure devotion to you, my spiritual guide. Seeing this, I forsake my body and even my life, inspire me to practice what only will please you.

Requested like this, my guru alights on the crown of my head. We merge, becoming inseparably one taste. Now I, Vajrasattva, holding vajra and bell, embracing Bhagavati, sport with co-arising blissful awareness.

With no sense of a loss, I donate my land, my body and wealth, and all virtues amassed throughout the three times in order to help all mothers. I shall never transgress, though my life be at stake, the limits of the precepts of my pratimoksha, bodhisattva or tantric vows.

Upholding the scriptural and realized Dharma gathered in three sutra vehicles and four tantra sets, I shall liberate beings with their skillful means.

I dedicate this virtue so that the deeds and prayers of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas may all be fulfilled and the hallowed Dharma be upheld.

By inspiration from the supreme Triple Gem and the force of infallible dependent arising, may all my wonderful prayers come true and I quickly attain the state of a Buddha.