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In some dzogchen presentations, the appearance-making factor of the deep awareness (ye-shes) of a Buddha’s pure awareness (rig-pa, a Buddha’s omniscient mind). Because all Buddha Bodies are complete in a Buddha’s pure awareness, the Abhisambodhikaya makes Buddha Bodies appear in various forms suitable for benefiting others, but without ever moving from Dharmakaya.

Tibetan: mngon-par byang-chub-gyi sku; mngon-byang-gi sku

Sanskrit: abhisambodhikāya

Synonyms: Body of Manifest Enlightenment; Corpus of Manifest Enlightenment

Other languages

العربية: أبيسامبوديكايا
Deutsch: Abhisambodhikaya
Español: Abisambodikaya
فارسی: آبهیسام بودیکایا
Русский: Абхисамбодхикая