An unspecified, nonobstructive, individual consciousness that underlies all cognition, cognizes the same objects as the cognitions it underlies, but is a non-determining cognition of what appears to it and lacks clarity of its objects. It carries the karmic legacies of karma and the mental impressions of memories, in the sense that they are imputations on it. According to Gelug, it is asserted only by the Chittamatra system; according to non-Gelug, asserted by both the Chittamatra and Madhyamaka systems. In the Chittamatra system, it has truly established existence, in the Madhyamaka systems it lacks such existence.

Tibetan: ཀུན་གཞི་རྣམ་ཤེས། kun-gzhi rnam-shes

Sanskrit: ālayavijñāna

J. Hopkins: MInd-basis-of-all

Synonyms: All-encompassing foundation consciousness; Foundation consciousness; Storehouse consciousness

Other languages

Deutsch: Alayavijnana
Русский: Алаявиджняна