Central channel

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A subtle energy channel that runs parallel to and slightly in front of the spine, discussed in anuttarayoga tantra. According to non-Kalachakra presentations, ordinarily the subtle energy-winds ("lung," "prana") do not course through this channel. The aim of anuttarayoga complete stage practice is to get all the subtle energy-winds to enter, abide and dissolve in the central channel, specifically to dissolve at the center of the heart chakra, so as to access the clear light mind and use it for great blissful cognition of voidness (emptiness).

Tibetan: རྩ་དབུ་མ། rtsa dbu-ma

Sanskrit: avadhūtī

Synonyms: Central energy-channel

Other languages

Deutsch: Zentralkanal
Español: Canal central
Tiếng Việt: Kinh mạch trung ương