As a defining characteristic of mind, the ability, mental activity, or event of making cognitive objects arise – or giving rise to cognitive objects – so that they can be cognized. According to the Gelug tradition, a mental hologram of the cognitive object need not even arise in the cognition, since the object may be implicitly cognized. Clarity is not some sort of light in one's head that has a varying intensity and illuminates objects that are already present. Nor does it have anything to do with an object of cognition being in focus or being understood. Moreover, giving rise to a cognitive object has no implication of passivity or lack of responsibility on the one hand or conscious will on the other. As an event, clarity just naturally happens every moment of every mental continuum.

Tibetan: གསལ། gsal

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Deutsch: Klarheit
Español: Claridad
Italiano: Chiarezza
Русский: Ясность
Tiếng Việt: Sự trong sáng, sáng tỏ