Coarse selflessness of phenomena

In the Yogachara Svatantrika system, the total absence (emptiness, voidness) or total lack of forms of physical phenomena and the ways of taking them as cognitive objects existing as phenomena deriving from different natal sources. In other words, when dependent (nonstatic) phenomena appear in the form of mental holograms in non-conceptual cognition, it is impossible to establish their existence in that cognition as coming from external natal sources separately from the karmic seed that is the natal source of the consciousness and mental factors cognizing them. According to the Gelug presentation, Chittamatra asserts this total absence as one of the two types of subtle selflessness of phenomena.

Tibetan: ཆོས་ཀྱི་བདག་མེད་རགས་པ། chos-kyi bdag-med rags-pa

Synonyms: Coarse identitylessness of phenomena; Coarse lack of an impossible self of phenomena; Coarse lack of an impossible "soul" of phenomena

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Deutsch: Grobe Selbstlosigkeit bei Phänomenen

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