Deepest true phenomenon

(1) In the Vaibhashika tenet system, a true phenomenon that, when cut or analyzed, is able to stand in its own place – in other words, is able to retain its conventional identity. (2) In the Sautrantika system, a true phenomenon that has its existence established from the side of its own individual manner of abiding (rang-gi sdod-lugs-kyi ngos-nas grub-pa), without depending on being mentally labeled by conceptual cognition or designated by words. As an objective entity, it has the ability to perform a function and thus has substantially established existence.

Tibetan: དོན་དམ་བདེན་པ། don-dam bden-pa

Sanskrit: paramārthasatya

J. Hopkins: Ultimate truth

Synonyms: Ultimate true phenomenon

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Italiano: Fenomeno vero più profondo

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