Deluded outlook toward a transitory network

(1) According to Vasubandhu and Asanga, the disturbing attitude that regards some transitory network from one's own samsara-perpetuating five aggregates as "me" or as "mine." (2) According to Tsongkhapa, the disturbing attitude that focuses on the conventional "me" and regards it as a truly findable "me" identical with the aggregates, or as "me, the possessor, controller, or inhabitant" of the aggregates.

Tibetan: འཇིག་ཚོགས་ལ་ལྟ་བ། འཇིག་ལྟ། 'jig-tshogs-la lta-ba; 'jig-lta

Sanskrit: satkāyaḍṛṣṭi

J. Hopkins: View of the transitory collection [as real I and mine]

Synonyms: Reifying view of the perishing aggregates; View of the transitory collection; View of a personal identity

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Italiano: Prospettiva ingannevole su una rete transitoria

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