Subtle forms of energy, associated with the breath, that move within the subtle energy-channels of the subtle body and which are the "mount" (the physical basis) for consciousness, either in non-conceptual or conceptual cognition, transporting it through the subtle body. Through anuttarayoga tantra complete stage practices, one can cause them to enter, abide, and dissolve in the central energy-channel and thereby make manifest the subtlest clear light mind.

Tibetan: རླུང་། rlung

Sanskrit: prāṇa

J. Hopkins: Wind

Other languages

Deutsch: Energiewind
Français: Vent d'énergie
Italiano: Vento-energia
Русский: Энергии-ветры
Tiếng Việt: Khí
简体中文: 气心
繁體中文: 氣心

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