Extendible factor

A term used in Vasubandhu's "Treasure House of Special Topics of Knowledge" (Skt. Abhidharmakośa) for mental factors and which literally means "factors can continue further." The Sanskrit term means something with a proclivity, namely a proclivity for extending further. (1) According to the Vaibhashika tenets, they are iways of being aware of something. (2) According to the Sautrantika tenets, they have two states: (1) their “sleeping state” as tendencies, which are noncongruent affecting variables that are nether forms of physical phenomena nor ways of being aware of something, and (3) their “awakened states” as ways of being aware of something.

Tibetan: ཕྲ་རྒྱས། phra-rgyas

Sanskrit: anuśaya

Other languages

Deutsch: Erweiterbarer Faktor
Español: Factor extensible