Five pathway minds

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Five levels of mind attained as a shravaka or pratyekabuddha with the development of unlabored determination to be free (renunciation), or by a bodhisattva with, in addition, the development of unlabored bodhichitta, and leading to the attainment of a purified state of bodhi – as a shravaka arhat, pratyekabuddha arhat or a Buddha. The five are a (1) building-up pathway mind (path of accumulation), (2) applying pathway mind (path of preparation), (3) seeing pathway mind (path of seeing), (4) accustoming pathway mind (path of meditation) and (5) pathway mind needing no further training (path of no more learning)

Tibetan: ལམ་ལྔ། lam-lnga

Sanskrit: pañcapatha

J. Hopkins: Five paths

Synonyms: Five paths

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Deutsch: Fünf Arten von Pfadgeist