Four purified awarenesses from further realization

From among the sixteen phases of a seeing pathway mind, four of the eight liberated pathway minds, one each for each of the four noble truths concerning the phenomena of the two higher planes of samsaric existence: the plane of ethereal forms (form realm) and the plane of formless beings (formless realm). Each of the four is rid of that portion of doctrinally based obscurations associated with the two higher planes which is in relation to one of the four noble truths.

Tibetan: རྗེས་ཤེས་བཞི། རྗེས་སུ་རྟོགས་པའི་ཤེས་པ་བཞི། rjes-shes bzhi; rjes-su rtogs-pa'i shes-pa bzhi

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Deutsch: Vier Arten des gereinigten Gewahrseins in Bezug auf weitere Erkenntnis