Four sets of applied realizations

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In Maitreya's "Filigree of Realizations" (mNgon-rtogs rgyan, Skt. Abhisamayālaṃkāra; Ornament of Realizations), four groupings of realizations that bodhisattvas apply while progressively attaining the Mahayana pathway minds leading to enlightenment: (1) realizations applied throughout the complete set of Mahayana pathway minds (rnam-rdzogs sbyor-ba), (2) ever-sharper applied realizations (rtse-sbyor), (3) accumulative applied realizations (mthar-gyi sbyor-ba), and (4) realizations applied at the last phase (skad-cig-ma’i sbyor-ba).

Tibetan: སྦྱོར་བ་བཞི། sbyor-ba bzhi

Synonyms: Four yogas

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Deutsch: Vier Gruppen angewandter Verwirklichungen