(1) According to abhidharma, a noncongruent affecting variable, equivalent to lifespan (tshe), that is the basis for the heat and consciousness of a specific rebirth; the basis that holds the body and mind together. (2) According to Vasubandhu's "Treasure House of Special Topics of Knowledge" (Chos mngon-pa'i mdzod, Skt. Abhidharmakośa), one of the twenty-two powers (dbang-po): its function is to support the continuity for a lifespan as a particular type of sentient being in a specific rebirth and to support the continuity from a specific lifetime into the bardo existence after death, in between rebirths. (3) In Chinese-derived black calculation system of Tibetan astrology, (a) one of the pebble-elements calculated concerning possible dangers to one's life during a specific year; (b) a weekday favorable for medical treatment, calculated by comparing features from one's natal horoscope with the transit features.

Tibetan: སྲོག srog

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Deutsch: Lebenskraft
Español: Fuerza vital
Русский: Жизненная сила