(1) The force within each person that empowers or enables the individual to organize and to keep together his or her affairs. It can be stolen by demonic forces, as in the case of post-traumatic stress disorder, in which case life-spirit summoning rituals (bla-'gugs) are employed to "hook" it back in. (2) In Chinese-derived black calculation system of Tibetan astrology, one of the pebble-elements calculated concerning possible dangers to the well being and stability of one’s basic organizing principle of life during a specific year. (3) The life-spirit drop – one of the aspects of Tibetan medicine deriving from the Kalachakra tantra system. A subtle energy-drop, also referred to as "bodhichitta," that passes to different spots in the body each day during a monthlong cycle. When the life-spirit energy gathers around it, it renders the spot in which the drop is located the most potent point in the body that day for medical treatment with acupuncture or cauterization.

Tibetan: བླ། bla

Synonyms: Life-spirit energy; Organizing principle in life

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Deutsch: Lebenskraft
Español: Espíritu vital